Armed Force is a verhicle who has appeared in the side story of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He first appears in Chapter 6.5 and later in chapter 11. He is one of the minions of Vexus.

Armed Force
Armed Force
AF vehicle
Full Name Armed Force
Origin Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Gender None
Race Robot,Vehicle
Status Operational
Family Vexus (boss), Protoboy, Drill Sergeant, Quick Draw , DSC
Enemies Atomic Betty, Sparky, Robot X-5. Almighty Tallest
Occupation(s) Minion,Robot
Residence Ghost Ship


Armed Force first appeared aboard of the Vexus' Ship. When Atomic Betty and her crew infiltrated the ship, and Vexus caught them she send her robots, including Armed Force, to kill them. Armed Force managed to get a hold of Sparky and crunched him.

Later when the Mighty Orbots attacked The Massive, he had stored the Armed Force along with others inside of its body and released them, who then proceeded to attack the Massive.


Armed Force is a vehicle with a large golden grappling arm mounted atop it. Gillian had intended it for Audric, but gave it to Jayce instead when Audric was unable to join the League. It seats two, unlike its toy counterpart. Armed Force's toy counterpart included a gimmick dubbed "Stack n' Attack". Any of the other smaller vehicles could detach their wheeled chassis and attach to the top of Armed Force. (A promotional comic in He-Man magazine showed two vehicles stacked atop Armed Force, though this was physically impossible using the toys, as only Armed Force featured two lined up holes suitable for another vehicle's underside to attach into.) This never happens in the show; instead, the phrase "stack n' attack" refers to the Lightning League vehicles being able to exchange weapons mid-battle.