"Sparky take us in."
— -Betty to Sparky
Betty Barret
Betty Barret
Full Name Betty Barret
Origin Atomic Betty
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Deceased (KIA or simply Killed in Action)
Family Barret family
Friends Sparky,Robot X-5
Enemies Protoboy,Vexus
Occupation(s) Student,Space explorer,Space trooper
Residence Megaville (possible) or Moose Jaw Heights

Betty Barrett is a character from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi who appears in the side-story the Forgotten.


This page is a stub,please try to expand the Information of this page. She was first in her ship along with Sparky and Robot X-5 when she saw an unknown ship in space and went inside of it. When she was inside she saw Vexus and discovered her plan. Suddenly Vexus saw them and let her robot's attack her. First Sparky got crunched in a crane afterwards X-5 got his body ripped apart by Protoboy but she still managed to get his head. She quickly went back in her ship and started lightspeed while on of the Toybots ripped her ship apart and she escaped.Later she was found barely alive by Amazo who read her mind and sa what happened. Amazo then left and Betty's fate is unknown.


is a typical schoolgirl who is highly athletic and loves almost every sport she tries. She also enjoys visiting her grandmother, singing in her band, and hanging out with her friends. She is not afraid to speak her mind, either, and dislikes any form of bullying, snobbery, and injustice. However, when there is trouble in deep space, she captains her own starcruiser as the main protagonist Atomic Betty, a Galactic Guardian and defender of the cosmos. In space, she investigates crimes and fights evil. She can easily defend herself as an expert hand-to-hand fighter, but is also equipped with Galactic Guardian-issued bracelet, housing a communications device and remote controls for her ship and its teleporter, as well as an array of gadgets and weapons.


She wears long white boots. She wears a pink dress with a white bell with a radioactive icon on it, she also has giant white shoulders and white gloves. She has green eyes and has red hair with a ponytail in it and a hairband in her hair that goes over her ears.


  • The Atomic Betty series was made in Canada, that would make Atomic Betty (along with her crew) to be the only Canaidian cartoon characters in Bleedman's webcomic or at least until more Canaidian cartoon characters will be making an appearance in the webcomic (PPGD or GTDB) in the future, like "Johnny Test" or the "Total Drama" characters.