Chowder is a minor supporting character in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.

Chowder as Human
He's cute if he's a Human
Origin Chowder (TV series),PPGD chapter 7
Gender Male
Race Bear-Cat-Racoon humanoid
Status Alive (but injured)
Family Mung Daal (Father figure)
Friends Panini,Gorgonzolla,Kimchi
Occupation(s) Student,Apprentce
Residence Megaville


When in the Kendo class of Jack, Buttercup started to slam everyone in the class K.O.


A 10-year-old eccentric lavender "cat, bear, rabbit thing" who serves as a chef's apprentice under Mung Daal, Chowder lives with Mung Daal and his wife, Truffles, in a room at the top of the catering business.
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