Holy Sh*t! it's gonna EAT me!
Full Name Globmonster
Origin Dexter's Laboratory, PPGD the Forgotten (Back on Earth)
Gender None
Race Monster
Status Deaceased
Enemies Dexter

The Globmonster is a character that appeared in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He was fought by Dexter in the end of Chaper 6. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, Dexter's Laboratory.

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

He was fighting with Dexter in the streets of Megaville. Dexter fired with his Lasergun him but it didn't had any effect. Dexter then went into his ship but that was grabbed an consumed by the globmonster. Dexter saw the Powerpuff Girls fly by and asked them to go to his lab and go back in time to reverse it. Instead Blossom flew over to the Globmonster and froze it with her ice breath. Buttercup threw it up and Bubbles kicked through it.


In Dexter's Laboratory, Season 1, Episode 4 DeeDeemensional, Dexter tried to create a portal to different dimension to see how they would. He quickly learned that this was horrible idea as he released the Globmonster in his dimension. All his weapons were futile against the creature and he was quickly devoured by the beast, but not before he could write instructions to his past self and send Dee Dee back in time to stop him from finishing the portal. Yet this backfired once, as his past self won't listen the first time. What happened after he sent, two Dee Dee's back in time was left ambigious.[1]


  • As The Globmonster has the same creature-like enzymes in his body to break down food (Dexter), it is safe to say that the Globmonster is the same monster or of the same species, as the original Inter-Dimensional Monster from Dexter's Laboratory.
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