Professor Isaac Sumdac is a minor character in PPGD.
Dr. Sumdac

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Vital statisticsEdit

  • Origin:   Transformers Animated (TV series)
  • Gender: Male
  • Family & Friends: Sari Sumdac (Daughter),Autobots (Ally & Friends)
  • Enemies: Decepticons & DSC
  • Status: Alive


What Henry Ford and Bill Gates were to the 20th century, Isaac Sumdac is to the 22nd. His invention of versatile reliable automaton robots revolutionized every industry and the American way of life, and turned Detroit into a major manufacturing center once again. The founder of Sumdac Systems, he is also the father of Sari. He probably won't be winning any parenting awards soon, considering he leaves the raising of Sari to robots, seemingly neglects her for days while he works in his lab, and lets her stay overnight with a group of giant alien robots at an undisclosed location. Being a single parent isn't easy, but being a rich single parent should make it a little easier. It's worth mentioning, however, that for all his faults, Isaac is a very devoted father, as shown by his concerns towards Sari's safety, the elaborate birthday presents he crafts for her, and his attempts to help her make friends (even if this does involve press-ganging the children of his employees into service). He just gets so wrapped up in his work that it's hard to remember that there is a world outside his lab.

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