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Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is a minor character in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.

Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Origin:  Phineas & Ferb
  • Gender: Female
    • Nationality: Jewish-Mexican-American
  • Occupation/Affilation: Fireside Girls troop leader/captain
  • Friends: Phineas,Ferb,Fireside Girls members (including Gretchen),Bufford and Bhaljeet
  • Family: Mrs. Shapiro


She appeared when she was escaping the Clusters along with Phineas and Ferb.


She is one of the brothers' best friends and has an obvious crush on Phineas Flynn of which he is unaware, though he has shown he cares for her from time to time. She is known for the catchphrase, "Whatcha doin'?" and is the leader of the Fireside Girls troop 46231. The troop often helps Phineas and Ferb in their projects. She is named after series creator Dan Povenmire's oldest daughter.

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