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Jackbot attacking.

The Jackbots are Robot characters that appear in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.


  • Type: Robots
  • Origin: Shaolin Showdown
  • Affilation: Mandark's minions
  • Status: Destroyed


They are robots created by Mandark to destory Dexter's lab. They only made one appearance when they broke in Dexter's lab to destroy it. One of the Jackbots aimed for Dexter and shoot but Dee Dee jumped in front of it and instead she was killed.


The Jack-Bot is a robot weapon invented by Jack Spicer. He uses them as a standard attack against the Xiaolin.

The Jack-Bot is also the base model upon which many other robots are based. The most common is a golden torso capable of flight with a gun in the center of the chest, numerous different attachments for the shoulders exists among which are, claws, buzz-saws, flails, self-destructs, and just about anything else Jack thinks will work.

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