El Tigre

El Tigre/Manndy Rivera

Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equahia Rivera, or Manny for short. He is still unknown to make his appearance in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi his picture seen fighting with Danny and Jenny.he could possible Help the Girls and their Friends.


Manny Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equahia Rivera, or Manny for short, is the civilain identity of El Tigre. Besides being a student at Miracle City's school and living in the roof rooms of an apartment building with his dad Rodolfo Rivera and Grandpapi, he is known for having the super powers of his alter ego El Tigre every time he spins his El Tigre Belt's Buckle. His best friend Frida Suárez commonly is with him to be in any of Manny's antics, either it be good or bad. EL Tigre El Tigre is the half Superhero and half Supervillan form of Manny Rivera. As such, El Tigre is what most of the show revolves around. Manny has used his El Tigre powers to be a hero to stop Super Villains but have also committed evil deeds such as teaming up with other Super Villains to cause destruction and havoc. Besides Manny, an Ancestor of his called El Tigre I also had the same powers Manny has in the current timeline of the show.