Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System (eXtra Large Robot) or MEGAS XLR
Take a look on my MEGAS!
Full Name Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System (eXtra Large Robot) or MEGAS XLR
Origin Megas XLR
Gender NONE
Race Robot
Status Active (PPGD)

Destroyed (Grim Tales)

Friends Coop (Main operator),Jamie,Kiva,Dexter (Maintenance),The Powerpuff Girls (Allies)
Enemies Mandark,Megabee,Samantha,DSC
Occupation(s) Battle-mecha/Robot
Residence Megaville

Megas, which stands for Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System (eXtra Large Robot), is a giant robot that appeared in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. The robot made it's first appearance in Chapter 3 but became important in Chapters 5 and 6. It originates from the Cartoon Network show, Megas XLR.

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

When Dexter went to save Blossom from Mandark he used the Megas to invultrade Mandark's Laboratory. But he couldn't use it without that Coop went along with him so he did.

And later the Megas fought the Megabee from Samantha and destroyed it.

The Grim Tales From Down BelowEdit

Megas is one of the fallen heroes.who have been destroyed in the Battle of Megaville.


Megas is a giant blue humanoid robot with a red V-8 car on top of it. On the legs and in the chest of the robot yellow flames were sprayed.


The Megas is a robot founed by Coop from the Cartoon Network serie Megas XLR. It was the main robot Coop and his team fought with. its from the future.


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