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DIAL M for Monkey!
Full Name Monkey
Origin Dial M for Monkey,Dexter's Laboratory

Chapter 4 (Cameo) & PPGD chapter 9

Gender Male
Race Anthrophormized super-Monkey
Status Alive (as for now)

Deceased (in GTFDB)

Family Dexter (Owner)
Friends see: Relationships
Enemies Montray,DSC robots & Quackor the Fowl
Occupation(s) Secret agent,HERO & Pet
Residence Megaville

Monkey is a major character of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He appeared midway of Chapter 9 to help the others in combat. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, Dexter's Laboratory.


Monkey was called by Mrs. Honeydew to help her and the others with the attack of the Cluster. He showed up right on time to save Olga from her death. He then later protected Dexter, Mrs. Honeydew, Buttercup and Jack from almost getting killed and further helped more during battle. He afterwards flew off the fight Montray. Above the city Monkey and Montray are stuck in a stalemate until they notice the bomb's explosion. Montray then taunts Monkey about his failure of not being able to save anyone, which causes him to literally rip Montray in half from his sheer rage. The explosion approaches, Monkey takes off his mask and a tear slides over his cheek.


Dexter's caged monkey, simply know as Monkey, which secretly has superpowers, unbeknownst to Dexter, who often tries to give him powers via unusual experimentation. He stars in the back-up Dial M for Monkey cartoons. Monkey has the ability to fly, use super strength, and shoot lasers. Working for a secret global agency, Monkey protects the world from intergalactic villains, large monsters, and natural disasters.


Monkey's normal appearance is just like every other monkey, brown hair, lightbrown skin and curly tail.

But when Monkey is in his superhero form he wears a black suit over his whole body. He has a yellow M-shaped belt, yellow handgloves and footgloves and the end of his tail is yellow. He also has a giant yellow M on his head.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Because Dexter mutated him he has several superpowers. Monkey can make a yellow defensive shield. He can fly through the air with his bottom chaning into a yellow flash. Monkey's speed, strength, and durability have all been enhanced as well.

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