Og is a Minor/background character in the PPGD comics.


Vital statisticsEdit

  • Origin: Mike, Lu & Og
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Alive


Og, a 7-year-old native of Albonquetine and Lu's cousin, has a surprising predisposition to scientific theory and discovery. His inventions gone awry help develop the plots of many episodes. He is close friends with three animals; a pig named Pig, a goat named Goat and a porcupine named Spiney who are capable of speech and well learned in philosophy. Together, they form the Philosophical Society, discussing such "great thinkers" as Nietzsche, matters of existentialism, and the relevance of time.
He is seen when he heard some noise coming from outside. He, along with other classmates, went to check outside and watched the fight between the Powerpuff Girls and the Dread Dragon.

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