Oxymoron is a minor character only appeared in the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi comics.

Be an OXY!


  • Origin: Sheep in the Big City
  • Gender: Male
  • Only appearance: "Chapter 8" The Building And The Complex"


An ox who debuted in numerous "Phony Bologna" advertisements for the Oxymoron company. He also makes cameos in some episodes. His name is a parody of oxymoron, a phrase in which an adjective that means the opposite of the noun that it describes is used (e.g. a smart idiot, a planned coincidence, Hopeless Optimistic, etc.), as well as the cleaning solvent Oxyclean, whose ads are pitched in a similar style.
He is seen in an advertisement for Oxymoron Inc. that is in front of the Megaville Center for the Arts.

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