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Girls are three girls and the three main characters of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. The Powerpuff Girls are the Girl team created by Professor Utonium they are the former heroes of townsville, and moved to the city of Megaville.


Active MembersEdit

Is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls. She is very intelligent and is currently in a relationship with brick

Is the cheery Powerpuff Girl. She is a girl who quickly makes friends. She is friends with bell bunny and boomer

Is the strongest Powerpuff Girl. She is a girl who likes the material arts and has fangirls like: breeze and bullet has a crush on butch

Deceased MembersEdit

Bunny was once the sister of the Powerpuff Girls but since she was unstable she died.

Rejected MembersEdit

  • Bell
  • she is blossom’s rival and they fight while gir was watching them

All the Powerpuff Girls have basic powers including:

  • Flight
  • Lasers
  • Super Strenght
  • Super Speed
  • Invulnarabilitie

But the girls also have special powers on their own. Blossom has Ice Breath and her Intellect. Bubbles is Multilingual and cna preform a Sonic Scream and Lightning Volt. Buttercup has Enchanted Durabilitie can create Tornado's and Fire Whips. Bell has chaos powers.


Bunny could make another appearance since she was shown in character art but know she looks like her other sisters instead of a huge monster.