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The Rowdyruff Boys are a group of transhuman boys who are the male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls. They were created by Mojo Jojo with ingredients that are the opposite ones used to make the Powerpuff Girls, so they could beat them. They also turned out as rude, violent and disgusting boys, but nonetheless were beaten by the girls. The boys were resurrected by HIM in another attempt to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, and disables them from being destroyed by kisses. They once again failed but didn't get destroyed this time and just went to live on as troublemakers in Townsville.

After some period of time, the Rowdyruff Boys were picked up by Dr. Brisbaine and used for his Training program. Not much is known about this, although BeeAre did say that more of the Rowdyruff Boys would appear in the comic, despite being much later on.


When they were first introduced, the personality of the Rowdyruff Boys were very similar, as their only goal was to defeat the Powerpuff Girls and cause havoc. When they were revived by Him, their personalities began to differ, although they still strive to have fun while causing destructive havoc and destroying the girls. They are extremely violent and confrontational to the point that they're often fighting even one another with very little provocation at all. They like to be gross and insult others like putting slugs, spitting, cracking bones, throw scabs, etc. In the comic, they seem to have been tamed albeit still harboring hatred for the girls, as shown during their training session with XJ9.


  • Brick- The tactician and self-proclaimed leader
  • Boomer- The cute and sensitive one
  • Butch- The toughest
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