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Samantha (Kikuhime 様んテャ in japanese) is one of the main antagonist from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. She is the one of the rulers of the Darkstar Council. She appears as one of the main villains throughout the story and originates from the anime show, Megabots.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Edit



Kikuhime is the leader of The Screws. She owns Peppercat, a cat type Medarot. She likes to use her skill in Robattling to harass other pupils of her school. Kikuhime is shown to also have a soft side, by helping her friends when they need it, but she doesn't like to admit she is soft. This is evident when Iwanoi had trouble with his Medarot, Bluesdog left him. Kikuhime first was reluctant to help him, but then disguised herself as the Chick Seller to give him her wisdom.      She didn't seem to like it when when he recognised her. One of her bad traits is that she can be a bit of an opportunist at times. When someone more powerful than the Screws arrives, she either proposes to join the stronger party, or just run away, often leaving other characters alone with the stronger villain. There also seems to have some kind of rivalry with Arika Amazake. Their encounters often end in Kikuhime ridiculing Arika's new plan

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Samantha used to control Medabots but appearantly doesn't use them anymore, with the exception of Megabee that she used to fight Megas. She has showned to possess a great amount of psychical strength, as she is able to lift Coop up. It later is revealed that she is an android and thus also possesses weapons. At the science fair she fights with her exposed android arm. She has shown that she can create a giant wave blast and that she can send shockwaves through objects to people, like she did with Jack. She has immense strength and sees different than normal people. She can scan objects and persons with her eyes showing information about it. When fighting Buttercup her skin was shown falling off, and her metalic body was revealed. While in her cyborg form she has shown to have more abilities. She can shoot her hand forwards like a rocket to deliver heavy punches from distance, as she did to Buttercup. In her robotic form she also has more arms, a arm with two fingers was now holding Jack's katana instead of her normal hands. She has a chain ball in her inventory that she threw at Buttercup to trap her. She afterwards used four chains, with spikes on top, to grab Buttercup's arms and legs. She also has an arm canon with which she probably could fire a beam. But that failed since her canon was blasted off


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